Email Marketing Best Practices for UAE Businesses

Do you know when email marketing started? Well, it began in the late 1970s, and since then, the way businesses market themselves has changed. Even after so many years, email marketing has not lost its importance. Instead, it has become one of the most powerful tools for businesses looking to get an extra edge in the competitive digital landscape.

Email marketing enables you to create a personalized message for your subscribers, nurturing a healthy customer relationship and keeping them updated with the latest developments around the brand. This blog will explore the best email marketing practices that businesses can adopt to increase their subscriber base in the UAE and achieve a good email marketing ROI.

Email marketing tips

Email marketing is a constant process of trial and error and requires adapting to change in order to stay relevant to your target audience. Here are a few things you should do for effective email marketing.

Use a catchy subject line

The first thing that readers are going to see is your subject line. Hence, needless to say, your subject line should be super catchy and attention-grabbing. Try using a concise and direct message that gives your subscriber an idea about the content of the email. Using emojis or asking a question are some of the effective ways to pique their interest.

Create a mobile-friendly email

Most emails are opened on mobile devices, so drafting a mobile-optimized email is a must. Make sure your emails get easily adjusted, irrespective of the device on which they are opened. Using the FindingMena platform to find an expert on the subject can also help businesses secure that crucial first lead, driving email marketing success.

Keep the email short and sweet

A long email is a big turn-off for people, especially at a time when everyone is busy. By keeping the email body short and to the point, marketers can convey their message in the most effective way without taking much of their reader’s time, increasing the chances of conversions.

Personalize email

Segmenting your subscribers based on their purchase history, interest, and behavior and sending a personalized email is a very useful email marketing strategy that can make your email stand out. Sending out an email with subscribers’ names may make them feel valued and develop a sense of belongingness in them.

Monitor your email performance

One way to do this is by calculating the percentage of emails that actually make it to your subscriber’s inbox. Try to figure out what kind of email content worked and what didn’t, including identifying the trigger words that sometimes throw your email into the spam category.

Don’t always sell

While the ultimate goal of every email is for the subscriber to take action, it’s important to remember that not every message necessarily has to be a sales pitch. Engaging content that is informative and adds value can be equally impactful. By focusing on meaningful interaction with your subscribers, you can create a loyal customer base that is likely to take action when an actual offer is pitched.

To thrive in the highly competitive marketplace of UAE, you simply cannot disregard keeping up with email marketing trends and the benefits they provide. By building a strong customer base with a strategic CTA placement on the website and user-friendly form filling, followed by useful and transparent messaging, and avoiding spam, businesses can easily turn any email campaign into a success.