Strategic Alliances Building Bridges between Businesses and Digital Marketing in MENA

With strategic collaboration comes great power, and with great power comes great results! Sounds too cliched, but in the rapidly growing economy of the MENA region, having a thoughtful collaboration is certainly going to give you extra momentum to navigate through the vast and complex MENA market.

The population is increasing, the literacy rate is improving, and foreign companies are entering the MENA marketplace, posing a great opportunity for businesses to cement their position and be a part of its booming economy. Let’s understand what type of strategic alliance one can have and how business expansion through alliances can be achieved to succeed in the diverse digital marketing space.

Categories of strategic alliance

Every alliance comes with its own sets of merits and demerits based on the benefits they provide. Some of them are-

Affiliate Partnership

This partnership is very popular amongst people who want to earn some extra bucks by promoting a product or service. In return for their marketing, the promoters receive a commission on sales through this partnership.

Influencer Partnership

This partnership allows brands to leverage an influencer’s popularity to reach a wider audience, especially someone from their niche.

Platform Partnership

This involves partnering with a platform or technology provider that benefits both parties.

How do alliances help in building bridges in digital marketing to achieve greater online success?

Eradicate Communication Gap

It’s very important for a brand to get its message delivered across various customer touch points, and any miscommunication is only going to hurt your brand image. A digital marketing agency knows the way around persuasive communication that enables customers to take action.

Multiple Media Reach

Here are some of the mediums to have your campaigns aligned in a way that achieves a better MENA market integration.

Social media

It’s one of the best ways to connect with MENA audiences by engaging with them and giving them a more personalized experience by monitoring their online product interactions.

Billboard advertising

This medium works wonders to sit in the minds of your customer unconsciously by staying in their view for as long as you want and grabbing the attention of a large audience with just a quick view.


Organizing events not only help you increase brand awareness but also connect with your audience in person and develop a better connection with them.

Email Marketing

You can keep your already acquired customers informed about the latest happenings, discounts, or campaigns with email marketing.

Cost Saving

Having an in-house marketing team is fine, but trying a trial-and-error approach to find the right marketing strategy is only going to waste money. Get the experts who know where to allocate your hard-earned money to do the marketing for you, reducing marketing costs. 

Cross-border Association

Partnering with a digital agency in the MENA helps break the limitation of geographical boundaries and connect you to people outside your reach by collaborating with local marketing agencies.

How do you find the right Digital marketing partner?

Prepare a pipeline

Once you have identified your brand’s needs, look for agencies whose services can serve you the best. Partnering with a service-specific agency catering to your marketing needs would be better than giving it to an agency that is more focused on providing holistic marketing services.

Share your goals

Communicate your goals and expectations clearly. Ask for a timeline on when they can show you the desired result. This eliminates the chances of any future conflicts.

Ask questions

Make sure you enquire about a few things before moving forward.

–          What tools and technologies do they use for marketing?

–          How do they charge, and how and where do they allocate the marketing fund?

–          What’s their approach while creating a personalized campaign?

Read Reviews

Take a look at their past work and see what they have achieved for their clients. Read testimonies and case studies to get an insight into their expertise.

MENA is a rapidly growing market, and having strategic marketing alliances has become a need of the time, given the impact it makes on your business. So, if you are planning to expand your business footprints in the MENA region and don’t know where to start your search, FindingMena is the only platform that can put your search for an ideal partner to an end.