Data-Driven Decisions: How Analytics Can Drive Your Digital Marketing Strategy in MENA

In the rapidly expanding market of the MENA region, businesses are constantly looking for a way to reach out to their audience in a friendly manner without upsetting them. That’s why there has been a shift in the marketing strategy, with firms placing a greater emphasis on data-driven marketing strategies.

Data analytics help reform strategies, optimize campaigns, and ultimately achieve good ROI. In this article, we will talk about the true potential of analytics, which helps shape digital marketing strategy, and how brands can take advantage of it.

What is marketing data analytics?

It is a process of collecting data, including customer behavior, demographics, and engagement metrics, and analyzing those data to create strategies based on your findings to achieve the business objective.

Why is data analytics important?

Data analytics empower brands to make informed marketing decisions by studying their target audience’s online engagements.

Segmenting audience

With data analytics, marketers can categorize their target audience and create content based on the marketing data insights specific to each audience category.

Track result

Marketers can track the performance of their marketing campaigns and make required adjustments here and there to bring the best result out of their marketing efforts.

Customer insights

Data works wonders in customer behavior analysis, giving insights into a customer’s pain points, likes, and dislikes, empowering brands to address such areas with personalized content, and maximizing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Cost reduction

Having marketing campaigns backed by data with a proven past record of success enables brands to spend their money smartly, reducing unnecessary money waste.

How to leverage data analytics for your business?

Having a good set of data is of no use if you don’t know how to harness its true potential. Here’s what you can do

Set objectives

Whether you want to increase sales, optimize engagement, or retain existing customers, setting up a clear goal helps define what data to collect and where to collect it from.

Collect data and analyze

After setting your objectives, start collecting data and set relevant sources of data collection. Make sure to check the accuracy of data through proper screening. Here are some of the common data that brands tend to collect.

Customer Data

This data can be of any form, from customer’s purchase history to their feedback report. Collecting these data often requires customer consent; hence, adhering to all the privacy rules and laws is recommended.

Financial Data

This data includes information related to the company’s finances, such as income and debt, profits, and more. Such data helps a company set a budget and create strategies that ensure quality risk management with minimum loss.

Social Media Data

These data are usually gathered from different social media platforms, such as comments on social media posts, brand mentions, reviews from customers, and their real-time engagement for analyzing sentiments.

Choose the right analytics tool

Your analytics tool should align with your objectives and the type of data you are collecting.

Identify patterns and trends

Once the required data is collected, it is time to identify the patterns and trends that have the potential to meet your objective.

Create actionable adjustments

Make data-driven marketing strategies or improvements to the existing campaigns based on customer insights and have patience.

Re-analyse and refine

Revisit your data, weigh the positive and negative impact that the new adjustments had on your goal, adapt to the changing digital marketing trend, make necessary changes, and wait again. Repeat the process until your objective is met.

Analytics in Mena Marketing is certainly an unavoidable component that brands need to have if they want to compete with others in the Mena region. Moreover, the kind of boom the digital marketing industry has seen in the MENA region, it is quite obvious there is going to be a large influx of data from social media, websites, and other online mediums, not utilizing which will only push brands behind others. By visiting FindingMena, which lists hundreds of capable digital marketing agencies in the Mena region that are prepared to assist you in meeting your business objectives, you can start your journey of success straight away.