Harnessing the Power of Influencer Marketing in the MENA Region

As the competition is increasing with more people coming into the business world, it has become vital for brands to surpass the crowd and stay in the vicinity of their customers. This competition has given rise to various types of marketing to grab people’s attention, and lately, influencer marketing has been the one that’s doing wonders for brands.

The global popularity of the impact that influencer marketing is bringing has remained unhidden for brands in the MENA region as well, where influencer collaboration has become a common marketing move. While influencer marketing is popular and effective, to stand out from others, we should be able to leverage its power to its full potential. Let’s have a look at how it can be done.

Connecting through culture

The Mena market is vast and has diverse cultures, traditions, and languages. That said, navigating seamlessly through such a culturally rich and complex market is what is expected of influencer marketing.

Arabic content

One of the effective ways to connect with the audience is having influencer content creation done in the local language. Speaking their language while promoting the brand will not only cultivate a sense of belonging amongst the public but will also help build relations with the brand.

Interactive content

Advertising is not always about selling your product, following the influencer marketing trends or bragging about your services; it is also about your customers and how they feel about it. People love interacting with their favorite influencers; leveraging this,  brands can reach out to their target audience by going live on social media or conducting polls.

Multiple platform reach

Although it is good to onboard influencers with good followers on global influencer marketing platforms like Instagram, getting an influencer who has a good reach on local platforms would be an add-on.

Versatile storytelling

We all are different from one another, and so do our likes and dislikes. Targeting a diverse audience with engaging storytelling through formats like reels or blogs helps brands reach audiences with different tastes.

Diverse audience inclusivity

Brands should collaborate with influencers who represent a diverse community of a region to send out the message of inclusivity. For example, onboarding an influencer who is a homemaker and driving & promoting a car brand would be a very progressive move.

Maintain Transparency

To show that you care about your customers and do not promote mis selling, maintaining transparency in your marketing efforts is a must.

Sponsored collaboration

Disclosing about sponsored collaboration or content helps gain the trust of your customers, giving them the command to make a decision without getting influenced.

Genuine review

Apart from the disclosure of sponsored content, brands can take a step further to solidify the trust of their customers by allowing the influencer to post their unfiltered review that addresses the customer’s concern and doesn’t disrupt brand value as well.

In a world where connecting with your target audience has become important, influencer marketing is one of the ways to make it happen. Reaching out to agencies who excel at influencer marketing services would be a great move if you’re clueless about how to start. You can begin your search for an influencer or digital marketing agency in the Mena region by visiting FindingMena, featuring hundreds of qualified agencies ready to serve you.