Digital Navigators: Strategies for Success in UAE and KSA’s Business Landscape

Navigating through the business opportunities in two of the most digitally booming countries in the Middle East with distinct cultures may feel like a tough shell to crack. With companies setting up their businesses from across the world here, shifting customer behavior and updating in government policies, finding an effective strategy that can withstand the change has become a necessity for brands.

While it may look scary at first, thriving in these two economies can be made easy if your market expansion strategies align with the people’s needs and values. That said, let’s explore some of the key points that businesses can consider to streamline their growth in UAE and KSA’s business landscape.

Understand The Market

Since the digital developments in these countries are very different from each other, you cannot risk running the same marketing campaigns for both countries. KSA is an oil-based economy where digital business is fairly new compared to that of UAE, a growing economy in tourism, real estate, digital marketing and finance. You need to do thorough research in these segments-

Consumer preference

You have to be considerate of the local people’s personal needs and comfort. Find a common ground that gives you the opportunity to sell your product without disrupting people’s personal values.

Local laws

Doing business without complying with the local laws is kind of digging a grave for your own growth.

Language Adaptation

Speak their language to show that you are one of them, working in favour of their development and really caring about them.

Respect Regulatory Norms

While KSA is a more culture-driven economy that works through the lenses of Islamic values, UAE, on the other hand, provides a more liberal approach, attracting global companies to add to their economy.

Leverage The Digital Shift

With the surge of e-commerce and people buying online, investing in a robust business website and e-commerce store, integrating a secure payment gateway and implementing effective digital strategies will take you ahead of many.

Personalised Marketing

No matter how good your product is, to stay in the industry for a long time, you need to build relation with your audience. By harnessing data analytics and studying the demographics, you can tweak your marketing efforts to achieve a positive result in both the UAE and KSA business landscape.

Collaboration With The Right Marketing Partner

While at first, it may sound like an expensive affair for new players, if you contemplate the pros and cons and role of an advertising agency in MENA, the risk of not having an agency backing you is much higher than having one. Thankfully, in the Middle East, you don’t need to worry about finding a suitable marketing partner, as Finding Mena is one such platform that provides you with an opportunity to get in touch with hundreds of qualified marketing agencies with the help of whom navigating business challenges becomes a cakewalk.

While manoeuvring through the business landscape in KSA and UAE requires a strategic approach, you must keep in mind that adapting to the changing economy and being relevant to the local audience is equally important. So, gear up for your entrepreneurial journey and build your brand name in the KSA and UAE region.