Role of an Advertising Agency in MENA

The MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region comprising 22 countries is growing exponentially as a marketing hub and witnessing the rise of various marketing agencies. Marketing in today’s world is a generalized term covering both Traditional and Digital marketing of which Digital Marketing is on the rise globally. Changing times, consumer volition, the need for a global presence, aggressive media marketing, freshly curated career options, and easy access to mobile paved the way for this along with AI marketing and similar marketing modes, the world is ready for radical additions in this arena.

In a tight race to market themselves, businesses often struggle to choose the apt options across media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube or run relevant google ads. These challenges amplify the role of an Advertising agency in the MENA region and enable them great scope to build an indispensable brand offering Digital marketing solutions.

This article covers why and how an advertising and marketing agency in the MENA region can flourish and ace the business.

MENA region statistics

MENA region is reported to be the 2nd fastest growing E-commerce region globally with an annual spend on Digital marketing expenditure of over $5500 million, almost five times that in 2018. Interestingly enough the primary agency spends are on Facebook advertising networks (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) and Google (YouTube). With over 180 million internet users spending about 3.5 to 5 hours daily on social media, the scope of digital marketing and advertising agencies seems massive. Compared to global consumers, a whopping 78% of shoppers browse social media platforms to see trending fashion and discounts before shopping and rely on social media advertising. Over 130 million Facebook and over 60 million Instagram users in this region make Facebook and Instagram advertising part of an effectual digital marketing strategy. Businesses resort to paid social media campaigns to male their virtual presence and to penetrate markets. Agencies prefer performance-based marketing campaigns to boost the growth of sales of products of businesses.

Out of the 22 countries, part of the lucrative MEA region, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia are the most booming markets for Digital marketing and are leading hubs for businesses and marketing agencies to thrive.

Digital Marketing and Advertising agencies and their offerings

Digital marketing and Advertising agencies in the MENA region offer a spectrum of services to help businesses capitalize on the booming market and to maximize their revenues. Some of the offerings expected out of an agency include:

Social Media Expertise

The above research confirms social media is one of the most used platforms by consumers to search and verify businesses and their services. Agencies compete to offer bespoke content, graphics, and visuals across platforms. Running ad campaigns to cater to relevant audiences and lead generation through such strategies is an affirmative mechanism to drive sales.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy consists of market research, competitor analysis, and much more and is a roadmap for every endeavor an agency embarks on. Stronger the strategy, the more successful the campaigns and the lesser failure. It is imperative to choose an advertising agency that has strong and results-driven expertise.


Running paid ads on google and social media and displaying interstitial ads on YouTube videos, popular games, and so on have been popular means of advertising.

Branding and Positioning

Unless businesses have a strong brand presence they fail to leave a mark on viewers or consumers. It is not a cakewalk to make a mark in 30 to 60 seconds but with the right approach of an agency, this is possible. Defining the brand’s objectives, aligning with its goals across mediums, highlighting its USPs, and emphasising its solution-oriented offerings encompass an effective branding and positioning of the business.

Sectors highly demanding digital advertising

With affiliate marketing, YouTubers, and Social media influencers making compelling reels and eye-catching visuals, entities in the MENA region, especially Dubai, UAE, and Egypt, are transforming their business centres into social media-worthy destinations. Aesthetics is a must nowadays, irrespective of the solutions offered. With a rise in promotions, the below-mentioned sectors require aggressive and effective digital marketing to stay on top of the race:

  • Food & Hospitality industry
  • Hygiene and Beauty care
  • Telecommunication
  • Entertainment
  • Real Estate
  • Banking
  • Health Care

Finally, a lucrative market for Digital Marketing and Advertising, the MENA region looks promising and is here to host many leading entities offering these services.

Choosing the right agency for promoting revenue is imperative.

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